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A grid of solar panels on a roof

Solar Power For Businesses and Other Organizations

With costs increasing across the board, switching to solar power through ICSC ensures you’ll always pay less than the current BC Hydro rate.

Protect From Rising Costs

Chances are you've thought about how your business can limit its environmental impact. Choosing solar power allows you to show clients and customers how invested you are in your community.

Align With Your Business Values

Reports show that solar panels systems can increase the value of commercial properties and can be an attractive feature when selling.

Increase Property Value

Why Choose Solar for Your Business

A woman stands in front of a large solar panel

How It Works

When you contact Island Solar, we start with a free assessment of your property to see if it suitable for a solar panel system. Some of the things we look at are how much sunlight your property gets, the age and condition of the building(s), and the overall size and shape of the roof or roofs. Once we are confident that a solar power would be the right fit for your organization, we create a quote for a renewable lease.

Each lease is a 20-year term with a variable interest rate and is guaranteed to be less expensive than BC Hydro’s rates. At the end of the lease, you will be able to buy out the system for $1. If you would like to end the lease before the twenty-year mark, you may do so with adequate notice and payment of early termination fees as outlined in the lease agreement and we will remove the solar PV system from your building(s).

  • How can do I sign up for a free property assessment?
    Applying for a free assessment is easy. Fill out the Prospect Project Inquiry Form below and we wi