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Solar For Everyone

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Island Community Solar Co-op is leading the drive to deliver clean and renewable solar energy throughout Vancouver Island. Our goal is a brighter future for British Columbians and protection against rising energy costs by harnessing natural, renewable resources.


We’re here to help you lower your energy costs and brighten your future by investing in your very own solar panel system without the upfront costs.

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Our Services

Solar for Businesses 

Solar for Businesses

Solar Panels on Apartments in Nanaimo

Large buildings come with large power bills. Solar can be a great option for businesses, housing complexes, community buildings, or resorts. Learn more about the solar panel installation process and what types of sites are fit for solar energy systems. 

Invest with Island Solar

Invest with Island Solar

Invest with Island Solar

Invest With Island Solar

Island Community Solar Co-operative

As a co-operative, Island Solar relies on investors to help further our mission for accessible green energy on Vancouver Island. Our goal is to provide community members an opportunity to own a solar PV system, while providing long-term investors with a consistent and reliable return on their investment.

Our Services

Solar for Homeowners

Solar Panels on Homes

Our Bulk Buy program is an incredible option for homeowners to bring solar power to their communities with their friends, families, or neighbours. ICSC provides a free assessment for all interested homeowners, and the installation process begins after a target number of participants or total kW has been reached.

Is Solar Power Worth It In BC?

Save money on electricity and have the potential to go off grid and skip the hydro bill completely.

Cut Costs

Once installed, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems produce zero carbon emissions. At the end of their lengthy lifespan, solar panels can be largely recycled.

Go Green

Avoid future electricity cost increases, qualify for incentives, and increase the value of your home with a solar energy system.

Save $$$

Become a Member

Your journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future starts here. Dive into the world of solar power by becoming a member of Island  Community Solar Co-op.

Solar panel installation Vancouver Island
Solar panel installation
Residential solar panels

Big Solar

Do you have a large power bill for your residential housing complex, small business, off-gird resort or home?
Do you want to invest in solar power so you can be energy independent and save money long term, but don't have enough savings set aside?
We can help you go solar!

Solar Power for Homeowners

Want to know more about solar? Wonder if your home is a good fit?
We can assist you in evaluating your needs and sourcing the most cost-effective system. 
We will provide expert advice and guide you through the entire referral process.

Our Services

Our game-changing leasing program connects forward-thinking Clients with reliable solar PV systems. Say goodbye to those hefty power bills and hello to eco-friendly energy. We're not doing this alone – we're powered by a community of environmentally conscious Investors, proud members of ICSC, who share our vision for a sustainable future.

 We're here to empower our community with more than just solar leasing. Explore our solar PV "bulk buys" and other mission-driven services designed to make clean energy accessible to everyone. Join us in the green revolution today.

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Solar Power in Nanaimo

Founder / President

Ian Gartshore

Ian Gartshore founded and passionately led non-profit Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (ESVI) for fifteen years before spearheading the formation of Island Community Solar Co-op. 

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Tim Benoit

Tim Benoit is a retired forest industry tradesman who has been interested renewable energy systems since the 1970’s. Tim is enthusiastic to assist in bringing solar electricity to Vancouver Island communities. 

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Board Member

Rob Schutte

Robert Schutte has served as director and chairman of the Mimico Housing Co-op development project and a member of Co-op Works. He holds energy systems related certification from George Brown College and BCIT. 

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Meet The ICSC Team


Island Community Solar Cooperative (ICSC) was created in 2017 by members of Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (ESVI), a non-profit society that promoted energy efficiency and clean renewable energy in the region.

Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island

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